Acceptable Internet Use Policy

Students/Parents receive and sign a copy of this agreement in the fall of each school year. The signed copy is in effect for one full calendar year.


Students should:

  • Use the Internet and computers to support educational and classroom activities.
  • Use the Internet with teacher permission only.
  • Respect the copyright rules for printed information, pictures, and sounds.


Students should NOT:

  • Receive, send, or search for improper pictures, texts, or messages.
  • Use computers to hurt others by saying hateful things or using the computer for inappropriate behavior.
  • Download files.
  • Play games unrelated to educational objective.
  • Buy or sell items.
  • Subscribe to list serves or groups.
  • Disrupt, destroy, or change hardware or software.


From time to time, St. Dominic Catholic School staff will make determinations on whether specific uses of the network are consistent with the Acceptable Internet Use Policy. St. Dominic Catholic School reserves the right to remove a user from the network for any violation of the Acceptable Internet Use Policy in order to prevent further unauthorized activity.


Classroom teachers, along with the computer teacher and administration will decide if specific uses are appropriate. Students who violate acceptable use policy can be removed from using the Internet.




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