Celebrating Our Parish

Catholic Schools Week kicked off with mass on Sunday.



Mrs. Lilly Rein was honored for her 43 years of service to the school.



Celebrating Our Community

Students came dressed in workout gear. During PE class, students learned a dance from Sabrina Montez. Her assistants were St. Dominic School Alumni, Jessica Pammenter and Jenna Crook.




Celebrating Our Students

Students dressed in clothing from the past 50 years. In class students discussed what they thought school would be like in 50 years? What type of technology would we be using? Would there be text books? What role would the teacher play?





Celebrating Our Nation

St. Dominic School Alumni were invited to attend our school mass! After mass, the students heard Joyce Golay and Karen Murrell talk about attending school at St. Dominic. Joyce was in the first second grade class to receive First Communion at St. Dominic (1967). Karen was in the second grade that received their First Communion in our current church (1983).


(l-r)Bridget Clarke, Liz Dean, Robin Stocking, Juanita Perkins, Allison Douglass, Jennifer Sperry, Jack Koksal, Jason Drohman, Joyce Golay

Thursday, February 1: Celebrating Our Vocations

Students came dressed as someone that inspires them.

I'm inspired by my grandpa.


I'm inspired by my dad.
I'm inspired by my mom.
I'm inspired by my sister.
I'm inspired by my brother.
I'm inspired by priests.

Father Warren and Father Reggie visited each classroom to talk about vocations.

Friday, February 2: Celebrating Our Faculty, Staff, and Families

Students were encouraged to bring a work of art. There were Lego creations, painting, photographs, and pillows.