LEGO Building

Our LEGO center has been popular all year. I have watched the building become more complex as the year has progressed. Just think of all the fine motor finger muscles that have been strengthened at this center!

Welcome Spring!

Small World: Farm

Since we have been reading several books about farms and farm animals, I changed our small world table to a farm theme.

Geoboard Tray

We recently added a geoboard tray to our tray choices. Students place rubber bands on the geoboard to create shapes, pictures, letters, etc. Working with the rubber bands also strengthen the muscles need for fine motor control.


Pet Small World

After reading several books about pets, we changed our small world area from polar bears and penguins to pets. Children are busy building dog houses, fences, back yards, and dog parks. We have even had a few cats who needed rescuing from trees.

STEM Challenge: The Three Bears

Students were challenged to build beds and chairs for the three bears. The challenge was met if the beds and chairs held up under the weight of the the bear and Goldilocks figures. This was the first year anyone thought to build ladders, and it quickly became a standard for those using the tray.

Small World

The students have been exploring penguins, polar bears, and acrylic ice cubes in our small world center.

Play Dough

I recently added flat marbles and wreath/tree cookie cutters to our play dough materials. Each time students roll, squeeze, or manipulate the play dough, they are strengthening the muscles needed for fine motor control.

Writing Workshop

Look at these authors and illustrators in action! We began writing workshop by practicing letter strokes on white boards, and now students are creating books with topics of their choice. Students write, illustrate, and add details. Our books look like 4 and 5-year-olds created them, as they should.

Halloween Fun

Junk Art

We recently opened junk art as a choice during centers (there is a more detailed explanation of junk art in the October 22 newsletter). Just think of all the creative thoughts, problem solving, and fine motor skills that went into the creations in these pictures.

Marble Run

Students have been exploring ramps, marbles, and blocks in our ball and ramp center. Lots of problem solving occurs during their play at this center.

Design Table

We use our design table to create designs and pictures. We began the year with wooden circles, half circles, and sticks in various sizes. Currently we are creating with miniature wooden blocks. Later in the year, students will have several items from which to choose.


First Day

We are off to a great start in pre-K!

Mission Statement

Coming Together to Inspire Hearts and Develop Minds
Going Forth to Encourage All as Examples of God's Love