Miraculous Moosigos Unite!

What an eventful quarter! From Civic Oration to Easter Egg hunts, to impromptu dance/debates! These Moosigos know how to have fun!

Field Trip 2019

My Plan for the Future Contest

6th graders went on a VIP tour of GCCC during Catholic Schools Week! After an awesome lunch, we visited the Department of Public Safety where we learned how to find fingerprints. Next, there was a presentation in the Agriculture Department and an awards ceremony for the winners of the essay contest. Finally, we took a trip to the School of Cosmetology and Nursing School. It was a great day, a big thank you to Ashley Salazar for arranging the day and being such a great host! 

Sliding Into 2019!

6th grade had a great week back from break! Here's to a great year and another fun-filled semester! 

Queen Chickshepsut Update

We are almost finished mummifying our chicken. It is currently less than half its original body weight and preparations for the ceremony of lamentation are underway! It has been interesting to see the impact of the drying agents week after week and record our observations. 

December Art Class

This month, sixth graders sculpted! They made the cutest little penguins ever! As always, it was a great time and we can't wait to go back in February. 


Students made investigations to figure out how to reduce the effects of friction on a piece of wood. They used various materials and measured the results. 

Reading Buddies!

6th graders and kindergarteners will be meeting once a week to read. For our first time, we did the Marshmallow Challenge! 

6th Grade Websites


Don't forget to check your grades at least once a week. You can also see if you have any late assignments, missing work, or low assignments that need to be corrected. I would suggest checking on a Tuesday when graded work is taken home. 


Access science weekly magazines, tests, and bonus activities. 


Access reading menu work and weekly stories. 


Access math Quick Checks, tests, practice quizzes and videos.


Access for reading menu, small group work, and class discussions. 


Access weekly reading vocabulary practice and games.


Access learning games. 

Mission Statement

Coming Together to Inspire Hearts and Develop Minds
Going Forth to Encourage All as Examples of God's Love