Cookie Dough


St. Dominic Catholic School

Cookie Dough Sales

August 29 to September 15, 2017


Dear St. Dominic Parents ~ Welcome to a new school year, an (almost) new month, and a new fundraiser, the first of ONLY two that we do throughout the school year at St. Dominic Catholic School!  I am writing to inform you of how important your family’s participation is in the two fundraisers.  Please know that they are major funding sources for us and help to keep your tuition costs down. 


You may be interested in HOW St. Dominic Catholic School is funded.  Because we are a private Catholic school, we receive no funding from the state or federal government.  Instead our main funding comes from our parish, St. Dominic Catholic Church ($360,000, for this year alone). Additional funding sources include: Tuition & Fees, Preschool-6th grade ($265,000), School Endowment ($65,000), Spaghetti Dinner (Our 2nd Fundraiser held in February each year) ($33,000), Gifts from Generous Donors ($12,000), Scholarship Funds ($8400) and Fall Cookie Dough Sale ($9,000).  


We thank YOU for all you do to support St. Dominic Catholic School!

Mrs. Delgado, Principal



Requirements for this year’s Cookie Dough Sale are as follows: 

§  Each school student is to sell a minimum of 10 items from the sale. 

§  If you have multiple children in our school, you are required to sell a minimum of 15 items from the sale (as a family).

§  Minimum items not sold will result in a fee of $10/per item.  This amount will be added directly to your tuition statement. 

§  You may choose to pay $100/child or $150/family rather than participate in the Cookie Dough Sale. 



ü  Orders can be taken from Tues. Aug. 29- Fri. Sept. 15.

ü  All money and order forms must be turned in on or before Fri. Sept. 15.

ü  Cookie dough orders will be delivered Wednesday, Oct. 18.  Pick-up is after school in the school gym.  (3:30 p.m.)

ü  Your packet should include a money envelope and an order booklet.

ü  Wal-Mart Gift cards will be the awarded to the TOP three selling students in the school.

ü  All checks should be made out to St. Dominic School.

ü  Please fill out the order form completely.

ü  Proceeds from the cookie dough sales go into the PSO account and are used to pay for such things as classroom supplies, school-wide equipment, music instruments, technology items, and other items that may not be possible without these additional funds.  


Good Luck to all sellers! 


Questions:   PSO Cookie Dough Chairperson, Mirna Hernandez  

620-290-3047 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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