Tuesday Telegram

Tuesday Telegram, March 26, 2019

Monday is PICTURE DAY! Forms were sent home today. At this time you select which background you would like. Students can wear whatever they would like. Uniforms not necessary. Everyone will receive a packet of pictures. You pick which pictures you like, if any, and return either the pictures and/or money for the ones kept. Tuesday/Thursday Preschool will have their pictures taken on Tuesday.

Preschool and Pre-K ENROLLMENT is in progress. Just a reminder….if you have a little one and would like them on our list(s) for Preschool or Pre-K, please let us know. It helps us to know about numbers we are looking at in the future.  Our classrooms fill up very quickly, and many families have been on the Pre-School/Pre-K waiting lists since children are a matter of months old.  Please make certain that your child is one of those on that list early.  Enrollment for grades K-6 will begin on April 15th. Forms will be sent home with the oldest child in the family.  A reminder that tuition and lunch balances must be current in order to enroll for next year. 

CIVIC ORATION speeches have been keeping our students and teachers in 5th and 6th grades super busy!  This year’s topic is a great one, ‘Challenges Youth Face’.  Enlightening.  Powerful.  For the past two months students have been researching, memorizing and presenting their 3-5 minute speeches to classmates and their families.  We are now to the semi-final round, to be presented in front of the entire school THIS Friday, beginning at 1 pm, in the school gym.  Congratulations to the 13 semi-finalists below.  Good luck to each of you!  The FINAL school round is scheduled for April 9th, beginning at 7 pm, in the parish center. 

Ethan Ackerman- Grade Pressure

Katelyn Barrett- Homelessness in Youth

Simon Biera- Bullying

Taran Castro- Competitiveness in Sports

Grady Gleason- Internet Addiction

Claire Heiman- Suicide in Youth

Katie Heiman- Peer Pressure

Jacob Pammenter- Coping Skills

Maddy Schreibvogel- Social Media Addiction 

Kate Strandmark- Screen Addiction

Ethan Unger- Video Game Addiction

Emma Wedel- Anti-Christianity

Kyleigh Whitehurst- Obesity in Youth

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION MEETING to be held Wednesday, April 3rd, 7 pm, in the school gym, for 2nd grade students who will be celebrating this sacrament in May.  A parent is required to attend along with your child. 

Tuesday Telegram, February 26, 2019

Dear Families ~ We have been extremely lucky to keep the majority of our students and staff healthy to this point in the school year.  Unfortunately, last week we began to see an increase in illnesses that are easily spread.  A reminder that if your child is running a fever or vomiting they are to remain out of school for 24 hours. Please know that if your child has been diagnosed with Influenza A, we ask that he/she remain home for 7 days.  Find below a piece copied and pasted from a letter we received with directives from the Kansas Department of Heath:

Kansas Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control are advising that Kansas is one of 36 states with wide-spread influenza.  Our local health care providers are seeing an increase number of positive cases for influenza as well.  Flu symptoms can include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills, and fatigue.  A few people also have nausea and vomiting with the influenza.  KDHE recommendations are for people testing positive for the flu to remain in isolation for 7 days after onset of symptoms.  

We also have had several cases of Fifth’s Disease https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/fifth.html.  Some students are running a fever with the rash, others just have a really flushed face, and still others have a rash on their face, torso and legs.  If your child is not running a fever, they may return to school.  

If your child misses school due to illness, we promise to provide the materials that your student needs to stay current with his/her school work by day’s end.  Although we believe school attendance to be extremely important, we want students to be able to focus on getting well first and foremost.  We also want to respect others in close quarters and to try to prevent a widespread outbreak of anything.  Know that we have visited with the students about good techniques to use in preventing the spread of germs.  As always, please phone the front office before 9 am if your child will not be in school on a given day.  Phone if you should have any further questions.  Mrs. Delgado


Spaghetti Dinner Numbers are looking very very good!  As soon as all outstanding invoices have been paid, we will be able to announce profits made in the various areas.  What we do know is that students/families did an AMAZING job selling dinner and raffle tickets!

Total Ticket Sales prior to the day of the event were $23,039! See the TOP two selling students below.  Congratulations to Kyleigh and Hudson, and thank YOU to all of our school families for contributing in BIG ways!
Top 2 Selling Students

  1. Kyleigh Whitehurst (6th grade)  $1,750.00
  2. Hudson Colvin (1st grade) $1,147.00

We would also like to announce the 50/50 CHANCE Drawing Winner, who is a student in our school!  Congratulations, Annalise York for buying the winning CHANCE ticket that ended up being worth $2812.50!  Annalise then turned around and purchased Principal for a Day in the Live Auction.  We look forward to what she may have in store for all of us!  


Dress up PICTURES will be APRIL 1 & 2 (not next week as previously planned). Ignore any flyers you may have received earlier. This is for Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, K through 6th grades.

AFTER SCHOOL ART CLASS begins March 5/6. Enrollment FORMS may be found on the board outside the school office.

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