Altar Society

Ladies of St. Dominic Parish, did you know you are All members of Altar Society? Our ladies group is responsible for many services in our parish. We have the roster of women broken into 12 groups, headed by 3 hostesses for each month. What does a hostess do?

  • Helps contact ladies for salads or cakes for funeral dinners (most years you are only called once)
  • Clean the Altar area before weekend Masses one month of the year. This takes about one hour each weekend. Your children are welcome to come & help, thus they learn to serve their parish, too!
  • Contact ladies for our “Fall Bake Sale”
  • Contact people to bake pies for the Spaghetti Dinner

Could you please consider giving about 5 hours of your year to the church and serve as a hostess? If you would like to volunteer, or if you have questions please call Pat Reichmuth at 275-1434 or 290-2423. Thank you!

Contact Pat Reichmuth
275-1434 or 290-2423