The theme for Catholic Schools Week the past two years has been FAITH, KNOWLEDGE  and SERVICE.  True, we have a goal of academic excellence.  We also have a goal of 'growing' moral conduct.  Educating minds is one standard.  Reaching a child's heart and soul is quite another.  We wish to list for you how our school community is able to do just that.  Our goal is to entice YOU to become one of US!  

Saint Dominic Catholic School WHY US Top 10 List

#10  Catholic schools save tax payers TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars.  Based on the average public school per pupil cost (that would come from tax payers' money) Catholic schools provide 21 billion dollars in savings EACH year to our nation.

#9  OUR young students are given the gift of NINE YEARS in a Catholic School community. In Bishop David Zubik's words .. 'Catholic schools prepare students for the life that comes at them fast as well as position their students to set their sights on the life that has no end.'

#8  1986  THE YEAR several St. Dominic parishioners, along with the late Monsignor Temaat, then pastor, met to explore the possibility of an educational endowment fund.  The St. Dominic Grade School Endowment Fund was thereafter established.  Our parish community's generosity is displayed beautifully with a tree in the foyer area of the church.  Our endowment contributes yearly to the funding of our wonderful school.

#7 Taught by a committed teaching staff, the SEVEN SACRAMENTS are a focus for our teaching throughout the school year .. as are the Virtues .. and the examples the lives of the Saints are for all of us!  

#6 Students at St. Dominic Catholic School receive a faith based education through the SIXTH GRADE. We currently have 174 students.  This includes a full-day kindergarten program, two, 4-yr-old classes (with the option of going three OR four days per week, and two 3-yr-old classes.

#5 St. Dominic Catholic School has FIVE MAJOR FUNDING SOURCES:
1.  Parish Contributions ~ Nearly half of weekly (envelope) collections support our school;
2.  Tuition paid by parents or provide through the Scholarship Program;  3.  Endowment Fund ~ An average of $24,000 per year over the past 5 years;  4.  Fundraising Efforts through our PSO (Fall Cookie Dough Sales) and Education Commission annual Spaghetti Dinner including a fabulous Raffle, Live and Silent Auction;  5.  Gifts provided by generous donors

#4 The average Catholic Elementary/Middle School tuition is just under $4000.  St. Dominic Catholic School tuition is LESS THAN HALF of that for the first child in the family and even less for each child thereafter.

#3 THREE MAJOR ORGANIZATIONS in our school community to become involved in: Education Commission, PSO (Parent School Organization) and our Alumni and Friends Organization.

#2 TWICE WEEKLY MASS ATTENDANCE Students actively participate in ALL parts of the Mass, gaining public speaking experience while serving as lectors, participating in the choir, serving as altar servers and gaining an overall knowledge of the Mass while demonstrating their love for God.

#1 The POWER of ONE  Our students are reminded often about the importance of speaking out about social injustice(s).  Our parish priest has compared the action of one to a single grain of salt, and how even that single grain carries impact all on its own.  As we watch the involvement of others in our parish community, school community and community at large, it is obvious that a Catholic education does make a difference.  Our students are actively involved in much contributing back to the communities that have assisted them. 

We INVITE you to give your child the gift of a Catholic education at St. Dominic Catholic School!



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