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What We Do in Preschool


Puzzle Time: allows the children to work on the skills of matching puzzle piece shape & colors as well as rotating the piece around so that it fits into place.

Circle Time: group gathering during which we share ideas, plans, and observations. Circle activities are designed to stimulate thinking, enrich social skills, and increase attention spans.

Gross-motor activities: give children the opportunity to use their muscles and imaginations as they engage in fun, healthy exercises such as dancing, running, jumping, and climbing.

Fine-motor activities: help develop small-muscle control and eye-hand coordination. Some common activities include puzzles, stringing beads, crayons, and lacing boards.

Art activities: children can creatively express themselves while working on fine-motor skills.

Dramatic-play activities: help children to express themselves and practice life skills while improving social skills, self-esteem, and building vocabulary.

Music activities: children have the opportunity to explore sound, volume, tempo, and rhythm.

Sensory Activities: allow children to explore different textures and properties with sand, water, and beans.

Religion: provides a time to learn about our Catholic faith through Children’s bible stories, Noah’s Ark, and various liturgical seasons.

Reading: is very important and happens on multiple occasions throughout the day.

Math: counting, one to one correspondence, colors, shapes, and patterns will be introduced.

Writing: will cover beginning writing strokes and if they are ready, writing their names.

Science: allows students to explore nature, magnetism, mixing of colors, and parts of the body.

**These are just some of the things we cover in preschool and by no means is it everything we do. If you have questions, please email me.

Mission Statement

Coming Together to Inspire Hearts and Develop Minds
Going Forth to Encourage All as Examples of God's Love