Tuition and Fees


3-yr-old Preschool

Tuition:  $70 per month (Total $630)

Fees:  $30 supply fee

One time Juice/Snack fee = $35 paid in September

Pre-K Students

Tuition:  3 day per week session: $90 per month (Total $810)

Fees:  $30 supply fee

4 day per week session:  $120 per month (Total $1020)

Fees:  $40 supply fee

One time Juice/Snack fee = $50 paid in September


Grades Kindergarten through Six

Registered Catholic Family Tuition Rates per Year:                             

One Child Family:  $1750

Two Child Family:  $2840

Three Child Family:  $3600

Four (or more):  No Additional Cost

Non-Catholic Family Tuition Rates per Year:

$3925 per Child

School fees for all students (K-6) are as follows:

Book rental:  $100 per child

Computer fee:  $100 per child ($200 maximum)


A Catholic education is different than any other purchase you make in the U.S.   On average, tuition is at least $2000 less then what it truly costs to educate a student.  (This would be without figuring in discounts permitted for additional students in a family.) 

Any other purchase you make is at the minimum purchased at value … typically plus profit.  What a gift our parish provides to us in the form of a Catholic education!  Thank you to our major funding sources ... St. Dominic Parish, St. Dominic Grade School Educational Endowment Fund, parents, Parent School Organization (PSO) and Spaghetti Dinner Participants, as well as all financial contributors to the operating expenses of our school.



Mission Statement

Coming Together to Inspire Hearts and Develop Minds
Going Forth to Encourage All as Examples of God's Love