A Community of...Prayer


A Community of...Kindness and Friendship

Students became Raktivist. A Raktivist is a person who performs random acts of kindness throughout their lifetime. Throughout the week, each class will perform acts of kindness. Students came to school dressed as scientists.










A Community of...Service

Students came dressed in orange to show, "Orange-you-glad You're You."


A Community of...Opportunity and Leadership

Students created a paper airplane at home. There were prizes for the largest, smallest, traveled the farthest, best decorated, and most creative. Avery and Drew Strecker had the largest. Kyei Sin Ta had the smallest. The best decorated award went to Whitney Woodbury. Emma Wedel had the most creative. Makenzie Lucas's plane went the farthest, followed by Ryan Heiman and Claire Heiman.



A Community of...Academic Success

Students came dressed in their uniform design. This was their chance to influence a uniform company with a new uniform. Campbell Woodbury and Ellie Konrade were the school winners. The school will wear their uniform before the end of the year.










A Community of...Support

We celebrated Grandparents' and Grandfriends' Day with mass, Bingo, and an Open House.