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Last AR Party

The last AR party of the year was a blast!  We went to Dean Wiley Park, had snow cones, and a water balloon  fight!

Persuasive Writing

Mrs. Delgado paid us a visit after receiving the persuasive letters we wrote to her before Spring Break.  The letters contained many good ideas ranging on topics from 'longer recess' to 'no more homework' and 'why we should no longer have uniforms.'  

She explained that longer recesses would mean longer school days, since we must have a certain amount of learning time each day.  We quickly agreed that the recess time we have now is just fine!  

She also agreed that even though too much homework is not good, we still need some practice time for reading, for example, and managing our time wisely during the school day would mean less school work at home.  Good point!  

Then she read to us a paper written by one of our very own alumni, Grace Schmidt, explaining the benefits of wearing uniforms to school.  Knowing that uniforms help us develop more self discipline and take away the 'clothing contest' of who has cool clothes or not, changes our perspective a little.  Hmmm...  

The Spaghetti Dinner is this Sunday, Feb. 11th

The third graders have been working hard on their class project.  This year we're donating some blankets that we've tied together and a ladder to hang them on.  Be sure to come check it all out at the live auction following the dinner Sunday, the 11th!


Catholic Schools Week 2018

The past week has been jam packed with all kinds of fun for Catholic Schools Week.  We kicked it off with Sunday mass, celebrated 50 years of Saint Dominic Catholic School by dressing like our favorite past decade (we chose the 80's), we danced, and we heard from many different alumni, including Sister Renee and Sister Esther, who taught at St. Dominic's when the school first opened.  Father Warren and Father Reggie even stopped by.  We ended the week with a school art show.  So much fun!


The third graders have been busy studying volcanoes this week.  We've learned that the movement of the tectonic plates is what causes volcanoes to form.  After reading about them and watching a few videos of volcanic eruptions, we decided to make a few of our own.  We formed play dough around plastic cups to build our volcanoes.  The next day we painted them, and then on the third day we created eruptions using baking soda, vinegar, and some red food coloring.


School Spelling Bee

The Third Graders did well at the spelling bee this year!  Great job everyone!

Mr. & Mrs. Guadian

Mr. and Mrs. Guadian, who are some of our home bound friends, celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary this weekend! Their daughter, Patty, was in town and stopped by to bring us treat bags as a thank you for all of our cards, letters, and rosaries we've sent to them.  She said her parents really enjoy getting mail from us.



While reading "The Mouse and the Motorcycle", we learned that the mice were afraid of owls, their predators.  We read more about owls and found out that mice aren't the only creatures they eat.  Owls swallow their prey whole if it's small enough.  Their stomachs digest every part of the prey except the fur and bones.  These parts collect in the gizzard and form into a compact ball or pellet.  Then the owl throws up the pellet and spits it out.  

As we carefully pulled the pellet apart, we found many bones.  We used bone charts to determine what kind of animal might be inside the pellet.  We concluded that our owls consumed shrews, voles, moles and small birds.  

William's House

William's House is written by Ginger Howard.  It tells a story of William and his family leaving England for the New World during 1637.  William plans to build a house just like the one he grew up in, but it doesn't quite work out.  As the seasons change, William and his wife Elizabeth realize that living in the New World means adopting some new ideas about their house.  The third graders built houses of their own too, using empty milk cartons, popsicle sticks and a little paint.


Project Home Bound

The third grade stewardship project is writing letters to the home bound members of our parish.  So far we've sent letters, Halloween jokes (with illustrations), and this week we made rosaries.  We plan to have Father Warren or Father Mark bless the rosaries, and then we will send them to our friends along with a homemade card for Thanksgiving.


The Wizard of Oz

We were off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of OZ...Friday, November 10.  The whole school loaded onto buses (some parents/relatives even joined us) and went to The Clifford Hope Auditorium to watch Steps Dance School perform the classic as a ballet.  What a treat!

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday we celebrated Halloween by decorating our own cookies, playing bingo and even a little dancing!  Oh, and we got to stick our hands inside the mystery box and guess what was inside!....eyeballs.... toes....ew!

Sugar Crystal Lab

Last week when we were learning about atoms, elements and molecules, we did an experiment with sugar.  We dissolved sugar in warm water in a bowl.  Then we laid a piece of yarn through it and let it set for a week.  Within just a few days we began to see sugar crystals forming on the yarn as the water continued to evaporate.  The more the water evaporated, the more crystals "grew" on our cluster, much like when atoms bond together to form a molecule.

Royal Farms Dairy

We had visitors from Royal Farms Dairy last week!  Since we couldn't come to them (when our field trip was rained out,) they came to us!  We listened to a short presentation and got a close up look at some of the feed they give to their dairy cows.  


Read Week

We kicked off Read Week with pajamas, reading by the fire, and Geronimo Stilton!!!  We also created a display of our favorite books...The Hank Zipzer Series, written by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver.  On Tuesday we got to wear our favorite western outfits, and on Wednesday the GCCC Rodeo Team came and showed us how to rope cattle.  

First AR Party!

Our first AR party is in the books!  Everyone made their goal so we had a pajama movie party to celebrate.  We watched "Homeward Bound" and munched on snacks.


Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Although we are always thankful for rain, we weren't very happy when our field trip was cancelled yet again!  We were determined to still have fun though.  After mass, we enjoyed a pumpkin shaped brownie while we read our AR books.  Then we painted pictures using apple halves as a pumpkin shaped stamp.  We took a couple virtual dairy farm field trips and watched a video on how bees play a huge role in the pollination process.  Finally, we ended the day with some fall bingo!


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