RIP King Tutenramen

Our beloved King Tutenramen has completed his journey to the afterlife. We gave him a lovely send-off with music, lamentation, a feast, gifts, and a parade.

Best of luck, King Tutenramen! You were a lot of fun, (albeit stinky) and we hope the afterlife is everything you'd have hoped for and more!



Culture Day

Our first ever Culture Day was a success! After researching origins, students chose a country and completed a report. The rest of the school was invited to join us and learn more about different countries and cultures. We ate food from around the world, listened to traditional music, and even danced! 

King Tutenramen

We are 20 days into the mummification of King Tutenramen! It has been smelly, yet fun. We are learning a lot about ancient Egyptian practices and make observations each time we change the salt solution. Stay tuned for day 40! 

Our Halloween Party!

November Art Class

Service Project IRC

UPDATE! Our class raised $120.00 for the IRC in addition to several household items! Way to go 6th graders! 

The International Rescue Committee is beginning their annual Giving Tree event! 6th graders will be helping this year by making ornaments for trees that will be displayed in various businesses around town, as well as by collecting items for refugee families in need. Here is a list of those items;

Walmart Gift Card        Trash Bags          Multipurpose Cleaner
Dillons Gift Card Trash Can Dish Soap
Car Seat  Broom Alarm Clock 
Lamp Shampoo Set of Sheets (full or queen)
Bike Helmet  Body Soap Bath Towels
Flatware Set  Toothbrush Can Opener
Dish Set  Toothpaste Kitchen Utensil Set
Sauce Pan  Pillowcases Mixing Bowl Set
Frying Pan  Pillows Baking Dish





This past week was Read Week. During our Buddy Read time this week, we teamed up with our kindergarten buddies to read, "roast" marshmallows, and help with some STEAM activities! 


This week, sixth graders put their heads together figuratively and metaphorically to come up with idea for a poster. The poster is for Western Kansas Community Foundations here in Garden City. The theme was "Community" and they came up with some pretty great ideas! 

The Voltaic Pie

Our science lessons this week have dealt with energy transformation and energy sources. Alessandro Volta, who invented the first battery was a key person in our studies. To attempt to recreate his first battery we used; wires, pennies, salt water, foil, and earphones to investigate! The result was "shocking"! 

Kindergarten Buddies

Today during Buddy Reading, we tried something a little different. Kindergarteners worked in teams to try to build a tower using spaghetti and tape. They had to put a marshmallow on top! They did an amazing job of discussing ideas and building unique structures. It was a lot of fun!

Check Your Grades Online!

Don't forget to check your grades at least once a week. You can also see if you have any late assignments, missing work, or low assignments that need to be corrected. I would suggest checking on a Tuesday when graded work is taken home. 


Sixth graders will continue using Edmodo this year. It's primary use is during reading groups, but there is also a class page for students to ask questions to each other or myself.

Mission Statement

Coming Together to Inspire Hearts and Develop Minds
Going Forth to Encourage All as Examples of God's Love