Halloween Fun

In the Kindergarten classroom we had a lot of fun celebrating Halloween.  Some of our activities included creating a "Candy Corn Cutie" while we enjoyed a candy corn treat with our 6th Grade Buddies.

A game of Pass the Witches Broom! 

And a STEM challenge called Pumpkin Towers.  The winning tower was 16 inches tall!  Look at these little engineers.

The Case of the Missing Cookies!

The Kindergarten class had been reading and recreating their very own version of Who Took the Cookies From the Cookie Jar.  When to our surprise we found ourselves involved in our very own mystery.  Our cookies had been stolen!  The cookie thief did leave us a series of clues that lead us on a tour of our wonderful school.  When we returned to our classroom our three suspects were reveal to us, Mrs. Delgado, Mrs. Victor, and Mrs. Kempke.  Oh my! Who could it be?  Upon further investigation of the empty cookie jar, we also discovered a finger print.  Which lead us to a great lesson on the three types of finger prints. We collected and examined our own finger prints and created a class graph.  Then we examined our suspects' finger prints to find out which one matched the finger print on the cookie jar.  Mystery solved! We found our cookie thief, now it was time to confront her.  Mrs. Delgado came to our classroom with a heavy heart and explained to the children she had made a mistake but would gladly return our cookies.  The Kindergarten students were excited to enjoy their cookie snack and even shared a bag of cookies with all of our suspects.    

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